New site hosting

A large chunk of content on this site was lost due to the power outage mentioned in the Gitlab post and like the good admin I am, my backups were hosted on the same server as the VM hosting this site. Luckily I did have some older backups on my workstation at work that I was able to salvage some of the site from.
I’ve taken to learning Salt over Ansible lately so I figured now is as good a time as any to put my new Salt skills to good use and use it to provision as small web cluster; this blog is now hosted on a 3 web node, 2 db node cluster: - HAProxy | Maxscale - Nginx | PHP-FPM - Nginx | PHP-FPM - Nginx | PHP-FPM - MariaDB+Galera - MariaDB+Galera - MariaDB+Galera - NFS

After I go though and sanitize the Salt states I used to deploy the cluster I’ll post them here.

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